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Education is a learning, skill, knowledge that becomes a habit of a group of people passed down from one generation to another through teaching, training, and research. The world of work can be interpreted as a stage that a person will go through after graduating from the education level. So, it can be concluded that education is a very important foundation and provision that one needs to go through in order to be able to face life in the world of work.

Then, “is this education degree important for us to be able to face the world of work?” Nowadays…

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Travolunteer is a term that combines travel and volunteering. Travel is a movement of people between distant geographical locations while volunteer is an activity to renowned for skill development whilst delivering social impact. So, we can conclude travolunteers as a group of individuals who love to travel and getting involved in a voluntary activity to serve the community.

Travolunteers are aimed to develop numerous aspects, from education to health, to emergency rescue and even exploration of cultures in different countries. …

Oktavia I. Maghfiroh

struggler, thoughter, writer, business girl.

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