Becoming a Travolunteer to Growth Yourself and Country

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Travolunteer is a term that combines travel and volunteering. Travel is a movement of people between distant geographical locations while volunteer is an activity to renowned for skill development whilst delivering social impact. So, we can conclude travolunteers as a group of individuals who love to travel and getting involved in a voluntary activity to serve the community.

Travolunteers are aimed to develop numerous aspects, from education to health, to emergency rescue and even exploration of cultures in different countries. Some institutions also started travolunteering programs which are developed to help advancing life in certain areas by improving the quality of human resources.

What does a travolunteer do?

There are many activities that can be done by travolunteers but the main focus is to share their knowledge with local people, especially with young kids. This can be done by teaching how to count, draw, dance, and other useful skills.

What are the skills that a travolunteer must possess?

The important skills that the travolunteers must possess are hard skills because we teach each other counting, reading, speaking and other hard skills which are owned. In addition to that soft skills such as communication and leadership are also key as we need to socialise with not only other travolunteers but also the local community.

Why Travolunteering?

For some people maybe travolunteering is rarely to heard. But after reading this part there are be guaranteed we’ll know all about the travoluntering. “Why travoluterring?” we can take two important points that can explain this questions. Firstly, human resources in certain places must be repaired one way is by joining travolunteering program which is held by several institution.

And second point is if we can be a travolunteer it means we can explore many cultures and backgrounds in different countries. So, we can also increase our knowledge.

Travolunteering might be new to some people but in this program we could help to develop a quality of human resources if we can join. Other than that we can explore many cultures in different countries. So, be expected from this program we can remain some people to help each other and develop a country.

What impact can be given from it?

As a social program in expected travolunteering could bring some progress in many aspects, especially in the education aspect. As we know education is very important and as a support to a country’s progress. Besides that education as a nurse of human resources quality in some countries.

What benefits can be obtained after join the travolunteering?

In expectation all the travolunteer participants can learn important things on how to develop society to advanced society. Moreover travolunteer participants had many experiences they had learned after contributing to this program. So in expected they can contribute and share some goodness to keep developing their environment.

[Personal Experiences When Joined Volunteering-2019]

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On November 23, 2019 got the first chance to join volunteering program in college. So many interesting experiences after being a participant in this program. We went to Garut, West Java to realize our volunteering program.

So many kinds we shared with them such as cooking some foods with housewives there, playing and learning something with some children who’re cute. Even if we stay for two days one night it will be an unforgettable memory.

Until one night we hold a show to appreciate some skills what they have. It was the most beautiful show I have ever seen. And after a few hours there was a truly unexpected incident: one of the houses was burnt down and one person was dead. You can imagine after see the public entertain the atmosphere was turned around. All people just run, crying, and scared.

That’s truly a night full of surprises. And some people are trying to help and calm each other down.

The next day we help to clean up and say goodbye.

[Hope After Join Travolunteering]

I know that the travolunteering program was a society program who has kind purposes. So I will dedicate myself to do this program as well. Besides of that i wish after did this travolunteering program, i could improve myself and to be a better person so i can shared more kindness on around me.

Getting more relations is also very important because we live as social beings. And we must help each other so the world becomes a “peaceful dwelling”.